YoloPixel 100" ALR Fresnel Projector Screen HD: 16:9 160° Viewing Long Throw 4K

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Weight 40.00 LBS
Shipping $50.00

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FresnelScreen ALR screen is made of Fresnel optical materials.

Optimized for standard/long throw (throw ratio between 0.6-1.8:1) projectors, with its advanced, multi-layer optical material, FresnelScreen can efficiently reject 85% of the ambient light that come from the top and both sides of the screen to deliver vivid images under ambient light conditions.

More than just making the image brighter, FresnelScreen dramatically (up to 30 times) enhance the image contrast and color saturation. 


The core element in Fresnel screens is the Fresnel lens. The Fresnel is made up from thousands of concentric lenses – each with its own unique profile. Barely visible to the naked eye, these lenses form a circular pattern from the screen centrer and outwards – like ripples in a pond.  With Fresnel screen, only light from the projector will be focused and ambient lights from both sides and top of the screen will be rejected. The Fresnel screen can efficiently reject over 85% of the ambient light which makes the image vivid and bright under ambient light. The core component of the Fresnel screen is a film that made of 8 layers: scratch resistant layer, color layer, diffusion layer, cylindrical lens layer, speckle suppression layer, Fresnel Lens layer, reflecting layer and black coating layer.  





Key Features:

  • 7 layers of nano materials
  • 12500 optical textures to enable high resolution reflection
  • Gain of 1.2
  • 85% Ambient Light Rejection Rate
  • View angle of 160 degree
  • Reject blue ray and friendly to eyes
  • Anti glare coating
  • Long Throw
  • 100 inch