WRTnode2R Dev Kit

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The most generous WRTnode by far WRTnode2R-1.jpg

  • Bigger RAM, bigger ROM: almost a destop Linux
  • Duo-core & Duo-OS, mixed-up the incalculable Linux development resources and the real-time application
  • Arduino in javascript or python or any script in Linux
  • Making robot, making physical interaction, all in one and all in smooth
  • RAM expansion 4 times to 256MB than WRTnode1
  • Rom expansion 2 times to 32MB than WRTnode1
  • Power consumption is reduced by 50% compared with WRTnode1
  • Smaller 30% than WRTnode1
  • Directly in the OpenWrt to simulate the acquisition, providing more than 14 native PWM, providing nearly 50 GPIO
  • Provide Arduino compatible with API in Linux, and provide the script (node.js\python, etc.) environment call them, lower hardware development threshold
  • MCU real-time control, which can realize the precise millisecond level response delay control, MCU using RT-THREAD real-time system


  • CPU: MTK MT7688AN mips24k 580Mhz
  • MCU: STM32F103T8U6, 5*ADC 12bit, 26*GPIO
  • 10*PWM@36MHz, CAN, 3*timers
  • 5*100Mbps Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11n 150Mbps
  • PCI-e X1、USB 2.0 HOST、2*UART
  • SPI master/slave
  • SD-XC for micro-SD
  • 4*PWM + 10*PWM(provide by MT7688 and STM32F103)
  • I2S (192K/24bit)
  • 46*GPIO(provide by MT7688 and STM32F103)
  • Size 60*29mm
  • In standard miniPCI interface package, for integration of the products


  • OpenWrt based on CC 15.05
  • The default network segment changed to
  • Add WWAN port of apcli0 for the default WiFi repeater mode, and additional WRTnode series wireless management tools: aps/vw/ia, to manage the wireless connection
  • Add and adopt the MTK original drive ralink-wifi, ralink-ralink-mt76x8 for OpenWrt CC
  • Add WRTnode2R devices (DTS and related configuration), update the SPI driver
  • Add flash-stm for online burning STM32 chip, spi-bridge for online controlling STM32 chip.
  • MCU using RT-Thread v2.1.0 beta
  • Porting Maple to provide Arduino API (functions) compatibility
  • provides bootloader for OpenWrt burnning the STM32 firmware

Package Included

  • WRTnode2R *1
  • WRTnode2R standerd shield *1