RF Link Transmitter/Receiver Pair - Virtual Wire for Arduino

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There are three pins on the transmitter: DATA, VCC, and GND. VCC can be connected to 3 to 12V DC. DATA is the data output pin, which is connected to digital 12 pin of Arduino. ANT is the point to connect to external antenna. The setup is shown below:




  1. Communication: AM modulation
  2. Communication frequency: 315MHz
  3. Frequency Stability: +/- 75KHz
  4. Transmitting Power: <= 500mW
  5. Idle Current: <=0.1uA
  6. Transmitting Current: 3 - 50mA
  7. Working Voltage: DC 3-12V. The higher the voltage, the longer the communication distance. Note: please don't use voltage higher than 12V.
When the voltage is 5V, the communication distance is around 100 meters in open space. Increasing the voltage will increase the communication distance.  The external antenna can use 25 cm long wire. 
The receiver has 4 pins: GND, DATA, DATA, and VCC. The two DATAs are same, and we can use anyone of them. VCC is connected to +5V DC. DATA is connected to Arduino digital pin 12. ANT is the point to connect to external antenna, which is recommended to be a 25cm long wire.
  1. Communication: AM modulation
  2. Working Frequency: 315MHz
  3. Frequency Stability: +/- 200KHz
  4. Receiving Sensitivity: -105dBm
  5. idle current: <=5mA
  6. Working Current" <=5mA
  7. Working Voltage: DC 5V
  8. Output: TTL voltage