Linker VEML6030

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Linker VEML6030 uses Vishay’s High Accuracy Ambient Light Sensor VEML6040. VEML6030 is a high accuracy ambient light digital 16-bit resolution sensor in a miniature transparent 2mm x 2mm package. It includes a high sensitive photodiode, a low noise amplifier, a 16-bit A/D converter and supports an easy to use I2C bus communication interface and additional interrupt feature. The ambient light result is as digital value available.

Linker 630.jpg

Linker630 A.jpg


  • Operating voltage range : 3V - 5.5V
  • Logic voltage range : 3V - 5.5V
  • Supply current (TYP.) :
refresh time 4100 ms : 7uA
refresh time 600 ms : 13uA
refresh time 100 ms : 50uA
  • Output type : I2C bus
  • Industrial Temperature Range : -25℃ to +85℃
  • Ambient light range (lx) : 0 to 167’000
  • Ambient light resolution (lx) : 0.005
  • Dimension: 24*23.6*9.2mm


  • Ambient light sensor for mobile devices (e.g. Smart phones, touch phones, PDA, GPS) for backlight dimming
  • Ambient light sensor for industrial on- / off-lighting operation
  • Optical switch for consumer, computing, and industrial devices and displays

How to use

Part list :

  • Arduino UNO x1
  • Linker Base Shield x1
  • Linker Cable (20cm) x1
  • Linker VEML6030 x1


Connecting the Linker VEML6040 to the I2C interface of Linker Base shield with linker cable :

Linker630 B.jpg

Install Library

Place the VEML6030_master library folder your ”arduinosketchfolder/libraries/ folder”.

Linker630 C.jpg

Load Demo

Open File->Examples->VEML6030->Read_Lux and upload to your Arduino uno wired up to the sensor.

Linker630 D.jpg

Please select the correct type and port of the board :

Linker630 E.jpg

Upload to the Arduino and open the serial console at 9600 baud to see the ALS data output.

Linker630 F.jpg