DC 5V Four Channels Relay Breakout with Optoisolator

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A breakout board with 4 channel 5V DC relay. The control signal is DC 5V - 7.5V.  It can control 10A 250VAC, 10A 30VDC load.

Size: 70mm X 17mm X 20mm.

The major component is EL817 and SRD-DV5V-SL-C.




  1. Outputs have LED indicators.
  2. The input can be directly controlled by MCU's IOs.
  3. With optoisolators installed.
  4. Use diode to protect
  5. Response time < 20ms
  6. Relay can operate more than 100 thousands times.
  7. Four channels can be controlled at the as time.
  8. Independent input/output power supplies.
Interface Definitions:
  • GND -- Negative Power Supply of Optoisolator control 
  • VCC -- Positive Power Supply of Optoisolator Control
  • IN1 -- Control Signal No. 1 (Active Low, activate the relay)
  • IN2 -- Control Signal No. 2 (Active Low, activate the relay)
  • IN3 -- Control Signal No. 3 (Active Low, activate the relay)
  • IN4 -- Control Signal No. 4 (Active Low, activate the relay)
  • V-  -- Negative Power Supply of Relay
  • V+ -- Positive Power Supply of Relay