USB Nest for Flyport

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Weight 0.10 LBS

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USB Nest is the smaller USB programmer for modules. You can Power module and Flash firmware just using 1 USB Port.

The Modules are shipped with Serial bootloader onboard.

Very useful also for testing and prototypes since all the signals of the module are on confortable screw connectors and it's very compact (only 10*10cm)

Reset signal is available by pushbutton or by DTR serial signal.

Start immediately the creation of your Apps! With OpenPicus you need only a USB port, no expansive programmers!

ERRATA: OUT4 and OUT5 are exchanged with each other on PCB silkscreen! Please download the Assembly pdf below that reports the correct pinout.





  • USB Nest Schematic Download
  • USB Nest Asssembly Download
    Corrected OUT4-OUT5 on silkscreen
  • FTDI USB-UART Converter Driver Download