SATA Cable with power connector for pcDuino3

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This is a custom made SATA cable with power connector for pcDuino3B and pcDuino3 Nano. The length is 11". The onboard power connector of pcDuino3B is 5V, and can only support SSD or 2.5" inch mobile hard disk drive. 

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its a sata and power cable
Written by james martel on 18th Oct 2014

I am still waiting to utilize the sata HD port on this PcDuino V3 but I have read elsewhere to be careful of polarity of power cable. Some of these cables from china have the 5v and gnd wires reversed in connector. best to check hard drive pin out and connector output from board 1st, rewire cable if necessary . port on board has a keyed connector so you just cant reverse plug