MAX7219 8X8 Red Dot LED Matrix Kit

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8X8 LED matrix has too many pins that Arduino is difficult to interface. This kit shows how to use an interface chip MAX7219 to interface Arduino to drive 8X8 LED matrix.

This is a 8X8 LED matrix kit that includes the following:


  • MAX7219
  • Electrolytic capacitor:10uF/25V
  • Resistor:10K
  • Capacitor:0.1uF
  • Sockets to hold MAX7219 and LED matrix
  • Headers
  • Bare PCB


The board needs a power supply of 5V /1A.



Wire Instruction:


  • Ground of Arduino -> GND of the module 
  • Digital pin 8 of Arduino -> DIN of the module
  • Digital pin 9 of Arduino -> CS of the module
  • Digital pin 10 of Arduino -> CLK of the module





Assembly Instruction

Step 1STEP1.jpgInstall resistor R1.

Step 2STEP2.jpgInstall capacitor C1.

Step 3STEP3.jpgInstall capacitor C2.

Step 4STEP4.jpgInstall header J2.

Step 5STEP5.jpgInstall header J1.

Step 6STEP6.jpgInstall LED matrix receptacle.

Step 7STEP7.jpgInstall LED MAX7219 receptacle.

Step 8STEP8.jpgLay down C2, and install the MAX7219 and LED matrix to their receptacles.Finally, we get the finished LED matrix module: