Linker Serial Servo Module for pcDuino/Arduino

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Serial Servo Driver is a servo driver board that can drive up to  8 servos with a  precision of  5us. The communication interface is TTL UART serial port, and compatible with Linker kit interface.



  1. Number of Channels: 8 channels
  2. Driving frequency: 50Hz (a period of  20ms)
  3. Communication Interface: UART (a form factor of Linker kit),  baud rate 9600
  4. Precision: 5us
  5. Optional External power supply: 6V ~ 15 v




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Highly recommend using Linker Serial Servo Module for controlling hobby servos with the PCDuino.
Written by someServoUser on 10th Dec 2014

Without this servo motor, I had a hard time finding a way to get the PCDuino's GPIO/PWM to operate at 50Hz which is the typical operation cycle for most common hobby servos. Even if I tried to send a single pulse in Arduino for PCDuino using digitalWrite() and delayMicrosecond(), I still could not get the servo to repeatedly hold the same position. I have also tried the 5940 chip, but that still required a 50Hz clock and another clock at 50x4096 Hz which was to high of a frequency for the PCDuino to generate. This linker serial servo module appears to be the obvious way to go to drive a simple hobby servo motor.