Infrared Shield for Raspberry Pi

Weight 0.10 LBS

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This shield addes the IR transceiver to Raspberry Pi.




1. Infrared Receiver:

  • Frequency: 38KHz
  • Receiving distance: 18-20m
  • Receiving angle: +/- 45 degree

2. Infrared Transmitter:

  • Wavelength: 940nm
  • Transmitting distance: 7-8m

3. Support dual infrared transmitter LEDs:

  • It requires user to solder the infrared LED D2, and disconnet the solder point SJ1.

4. Support LIRC software

5. Support XBMC. Users can use the infrared functions under XBMC.

6. Support dual GPIO buttons, users can configure the functions of these two buttons.


The pin layout:




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Works well with Raspberry Pi A+ and LIRC
Written by undefined on 10th Mar 2015

Straight-forward install to RPi A+ GPIO pins, just line up and press on. The shield includes a space for a second IR led and passthrough of some unused gpio pins. The CuteDigi tutorial and pinout were spot on. It does require the latest RPi firmware, upgrade it with rpi-upgrade if you encounter errors.