CuteDigi NXP LPC2368 Nano Prototyping Board

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Weight 0.10 LBS

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 CuteDigi LPC2368 Nano protoyping board is designed to help user quickly to breadboard protoyping.

All I/O pins are connected to a standard 0.1" spacing header that can be directly plug onto breadboard.


The following example applications with source codes are included in the CD-ROM ( keil based, an evaluation copy of keil is included, for most applications the evaluation copy is enough, user can also use arm-elf-gcc which is a GNU tool chain. You need a JTAG programmer to use it (



  • An example about HTTP Server. Users can browse the web pages embedded on the evaluation board using Internet explorer. For the application in the field of HTTP sever, please made your changes based on this program.
  • Telnet example application. After downloading the program to the evaluation board, users can use Telnet to telnet to the board and poll and control resources.
  • DNS demo. The program will find the IP address of several servers once every 5 seconds, and output results through UART.
  • TFTP demo.
  • SD card demo. This program can read and modify the files on the SD card through the serial port, the baud rate of the serial port is 115200. The file system is FAT12 or FAT 16. Please format SD card to FAT for the first time usage.
  • CAN communication demo.
  • Example application of large volume storage. This program uses the embedded RAM as storage medium, and when connect to PC by USB cable, there will be a removable disk drive icon showing up. When entering into this drive, a text document is there.
  • USB audio application, the volume can be adjusted using the adjustable resistor, and when playing the music, the 8LEDs will blink according to the frequency of the music.
  • USB HID sample application. It's same as a Serial to USB converter. In the device manager, there will be one more serial port added.