A2212/13 KV1000 Brushless Motor Hex Rotor for Multi-Copter

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SKU DR_A2212KV1000_M68
Weight 0.10 LBS

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Name: Brushless Motor A2212/13 KV1000.No load Current: 10 V : 0.5 A.
Maximum current: 12A/60s.Apply to the ESC: 30A.
Apply to the Lipo: 2 - 3S.Apply to the NiCD / NiMH: 6 - 9S.
Apply to the Propeller: 8x4.5" 9x4.5" 10x4.5" 10x4.7".Apply to the three Propeller: 7x4.5" 8x4.5" 9x4.5".
Shaft diameter: 3.175mm.Weight: 2.20oz