3.5mm Audio Jack Converter between CTIA and OMTP

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There are two definition of audio jack, OMTP and CTIA.


It turns out that the audio jack of pcDuino3 follows OMTP standard, while Apple follows CTIA/AHJ standard.  The definitions of the two different standards are reproduced here (The original can be found at here):

StandardTipRing 1Ring 2SleevePhones using this Standard
OMTP Left Audio Right Audio Microphone Ground old Nokia (and also Lumia starting from the 2nd gen[17]), old Samsung (2012Chromebooks), old Sony Ericsson (2010 and 2011 Xperias), old Wiko (2012-), PlayStation Vita and DualShock 4 PS4 controller
CTIA/AHJ Left Audio Right Audio Ground Microphone Apple, HTC, latest Nokia, latest Samsung, latest Sony (2012+), latest Wiko (2013+), Jolla,[18] most Android phones

 This converter translates between CTIA and OMTP.  By using this converter, iPhone earphone can be used on pcDuino3.




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Written by undefined on 25th Nov 2015

I didn't know that ios and android required a different type of 3.5 pin, if I didn't find this item I would only be able to use my Boss headphones with my ipod now I cam use it for everything!