Broadband Powerline Communication Adaptor: Industry Grade Product

1. Product Description

Broadband powerline communication adaptor BPLC-LS700M is a broadband powerline carrier communication device with powerful functions and superior performance. It supports IP packets, RS485, RS232 serial port and other multi-protocol data on any two-wires, such as twisted pair, coaxial cable, DC wire, AC wire, parallel lines, elevator accompanying cables, etc. for high-speed long-distance transmission. The maximum physical layer rate can reach 240Mbps, and the longest point-to-point transmission distance can reach 500 meters. The relay version supports up to 10-level relays, and the longest transmission distance is 3-5KM.

BPLC-LS700M is a data transparent transmission device. It does self-route and self-organize network, and data is completely transparent. It can be configured to master and slave mode. The master and slave modes are configured using the master-slave switch on the back of the device. The device can support bus, star, tree, and mixed network topologies.

BPLC-LS700M integrates coupling circuit inside, high voltage isolation, anti-surge protection, suitable for carrier communication on 0-500V cable. The products have been widely used in various industries, including elevator network and elevator multimedia, railway communication monitoring system, mine monitoring system, inspection robot, wind energy new energy, intelligent charging pile, intelligent streetlamp, automated storage and retrieval system, traffic radar video monitoring and so on.

2. Technical Specification

3. Interfaces