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Product Description



WRTnode, which is based on Wi-Fi AP-Soc, is an open source development board hardware. There is a mediatek MT7620n chip in it.

It is mini, cheap and has pretty low power consumption and reasonable capability of computing. Besides, It is born to high speed of Wi-Fi network exchange.

What does WRTnode aim for? Maybe different people have different opinions. Our team considers it as a high speed and digital version of "Arduino". Since it could connect and interact with USB devices like camera and sound card, we can collect images and voices at the same time and stream out multimedia stream in real time. After a layer of A / D converter, It could directly interact with physical world like all kinds of sensors and motors.

OpenWrt, which is a distribution of embedded Linux, is the system of WRTnode. When multimedia information and various of input and output control focus on a Linux system which has small volume, low power consumption and enough computing capacity, after porting and optimizing the existing pattern recognition, artificial intelligence and other applications, we may setup a series of interesting "smart" devices. And they are supplemented by powerful network capabilities. we may get a structure of MATRIX and NODE. This is where the node in WRTnode comes from.

We pronounce WRTnode as what-node.

As an OpenWrt supported device, WRTnode applies everything on We highly recommended take as the trusted reference.


  • WRTnode is based on Wi-Fi AP-Soc and it is an open source development board hardware.
  • Opensource hardware for OpenWrt
  • mini Linux + Wi-Fi board
  • easy and completed IDE
  • smart machines' heart
  • low power consuming
  • complete I/Os, high performance
  • 300MBit/s Wi-Fi and low price


Hardware parameters


  • 45mm*50mm
  • MTK MT7620N 580MHz MIPS CPU (MIPS24KEc)
  • 512Mbit DDR2 ram
  • 128Mbit SPI Flash rom
  • 300Mbit Wi-Fi 2T2R 802.11n 2.4 GHz
  • 23GPIOs
  • JTAG
  • SPI
  • UART Lite
  • USB2.0 host

Software Environment

  • Based on OpenWrt BARRIER BREAKER (Bleeding Edge, r41508)
  • rt2860v2 Wi-Fi driver hacked by lintel
  • Customized uboot hacked by manfeel
  • WRTnode aplci up-link Wi-Fi configuration (aps/vw/nr/ia)
  • Luci Wi-Fi wpa patch for rt2860v2
  • Local dns add & wrtnode.lan besides openwrt.lan to WRTnode which the default ip is
  • WRTnode additional feature (all source opened
  • Opencv 2.4.8
  • Native gcc-mipsel on mt7620 and bin-utils
  • Porting linino (Arduino yun) source to WRTnode
  • Shine: fast fixed-point mp3 encoding
  • And some WRTnode demo apps:
  • opencv application demo
  • mechanical control demo
  • RESTful front-end demo and some other thing

WRTnode firmware, SDK and cross-compiler toolchain using OpenWrt trunk version, designed for WRTnode maintenance and support by official. Meanwhile, WRTnode can use the market all the programs using the MT7620 router firmware and associated SDK and cross-compiler toolchain.

Pin map

Click the pic to see full resolution version. Perspective A pin map



Starting guide

What you will get?


You get the WRTnode in a very nice transparent plastic box, inside the box you get WRTnode stickers too. The box is useful to store various small items useful for WRTnode (USB memory stick, I2C port expander module, jumpers and so on).

6.jpg 7.jpg


Besides these, you get:

The 'special' USB cable customized for WRTnode



The micro USB standard plug will be connected to the WRTnode board and to power the board itself. The USB standard type A plug will be connected to any USB wall adapter, any PC USB port, any USB 5Vdc power supply (at least 500mA (0,5A) current). The USB standard type A receptacle can connect any USB device to the WRTnode board, for example can connect a USB memory stick:


Or a USB webcam like this:


Or you can connect many more USB devices at once through a USB hub like this:


Caution: use USB hub with external 5Vdc power supply if the USB hub connects more than one USB device.




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